The Importance of having a Mobile Responsive Website

by Daniel

Posted on May 15, 2017, 3:00:32 PM

Are you losing half of your customers?

Learn the Importance of having a Mobile Responsive Website.

Did you know that you can actually lose half of your customers if your website is not responsive?

Every now and then, many business owners and online marketers are innovating various strategies in providing their customers with a satisfying service experience. With all the increasing growth of mobile devices and mobile usage, it is quite essential for your website to be mobile friendly. You can easily lose half of your customers if they find that your business website is not responsive. They are looking for a site where they can easily browse and then find the information they need.

In case you haven’t heard, a mobile responsive website is kind of a big deal. Most of the big business names in digital marketing have been talking about it for a while.  A mobile responsive website should be at the top of your priorities list. Here’s why:

Increasing mobile usage

Today more and more people are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and almost more than half of the total percentage of website traffic comes from mobile devices. In fact, mobile usage is continuing to grow, resulting in more opportunities to attract new customers. When your website is mobile response it will result in a more positive experience on your website, increasing the interest in your brand and not forcing a potential customer to visit your competitor's’ site.

Improves SEO rankings

A responsive website can perform better in SEO rankings for it can provide the customers with better experience compared to a site that is not mobile friendly. Although your website ranks high through desktop, this doesn’t mean that this will continue its good rankings to people performing the same search on their phone,  mobile devices now have a separate search algorithm.

Increases ROI and easier to manage

With a responsive site, your site can adapt to each device providing a more relevant layout and content. As a result, this can best meet the user’s needs and your business can have only one site to manage and where you only need to update your content once. Also, a responsive site means lower website management costs as well as higher ROI.

Increases website visitors

Social media consumption happens more on mobile devices which can help you create more traffic and views. If you have a strategy for social marketing and desire to leverage your content social sharing, get responsive.

Better user experience

With all the reasons in implementing a mobile responsive website, everything connects back to the main goal of providing your customers with a better experience. Also, better user experience means reduced bounce rates, boosted website conversions and improved brand perception. Typical smartphone users today check their device on average a 150 times a day, this means that you can have up opportunities to convert your prospects into customers. So, there is no way for you not to opt to be responsive.